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The truth is the ALP and LNP are arrogant, out of touch. When the LNP was in government they sacked 14 000 workers and wanted to sell public assets. Since then, the ALP has not reduced unemployment or the cost of living. They only care about money and power. The major parties don’t work for the people that vote for them, they work for the corporations that pay for them.

Our job is not to divide, our job is to bring people together. When you vote for me, know I will work to bring people together and for policies that deliver for all of us, not just a wealthy elite.

You know the big southern corporations have not bought my vote and that I am here for the 99 per cent, not the 1 per cent. If you want to send a message, voting for me will send the message that you will not be taken for granted and your voice will be heard.

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  • commented 2016-11-28 02:06:33 +1000
    A lot of the funding required in Cairns to progress our economy is denied by Brisbane and Canberra, in many areas but health being one of the important areas of concern, regarding lack of funding. With only one major public hospital and not enough private hospitals it is no wonder the health services here are struggling to keep up and balance the books
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