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If you want to yell from the rooftops that you are supporting Rob - here's where to click!  Scroll down for share links.

Work in Progress TIPS section for spreading the word

Social media can be used by you progressively to help the campaign, we do after all live in a world almost ruled by social media.  Here's some TIPS:

Do the 5

1.  Like and Share posts (publicly) on your timeline from the Rob Pyne: Putting Cairns First Facebook Page

2.  Invite your friends to like and share the page. 

3.  Update your profile pic and timeline banner to Team Rob theme (look to the page for examples).

4.  Share through social media my vote pledge link or if you have donated - make sure your post says why. Why does my voice in Brisbane matter to                   YOU?! 

5.  There is a Facebook Community Page administrated by our supporters for every community in the Cairns Electorate.  Join up and share them to your             friends who live there with a post of "I support Rob Pyne because..." - maybe something topical for where you live.  Links for each group:


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