Rob Pyne MP votes against Adani’s mining threat to the environment yet again.

Rob Pyne MP says ‘enough is enough’ and climate change must be taken seriously in our political arena.  He last night he voted against Adani’s Carmichael Mine (west of Moranbah, Queensland) in state parliament. 

‘The protection of an ecological wonder such as the Great Barrier Reef should be a priority,’ Mr Pyne says.

Member for Hinchinbrook Andrew Cripps put forward a question without notice calling for the Palaszczuk Government to prioritise its commitment to Land Court reform to expedite the consideration of resource projects in Queensland.

Mr Pyne strongly opposes the LNP member’s ‘damaging’ position on this matter.


The vote was lost 87 to one.


Mr Pyne says the outcome goes against the great tide of the community’s expectations to conserve our natural treasure and environment.

‘What they really should be voting on is a motion with a win win situation for the environment over mining fossils fuels with a key eye towards environmental concerns.’

It follows the Australian Conservation Foundation’s case against $16b Adani Carmichael mine project being dismissed by the Federal Court. The ACF argued that the former environment minister Greg Hunt failed to consider whether the impact of burning coal and climate pollution breeched international obligations to protect our Great Barrier Reef. It was successfully contested by Mr Hunt’s representatives and Adani lawyers.

 ‘Is it really a big deal to not only us but the environment if something right outside their backdoor, like the Great Barrier Reef, disappears in the name of commerce. You never notice the change until its already happening.’

 Mr Pyne says there’s no denying that the emissions for the exploration and extraction of fossils fuels, such as coal, has a high probability of contamination and pollution.

‘And here Adani, Mr Cripps, Mr Hunt and vested interests are trying to expedite these process which are there for the protection of the environment. So this should be a great concern to everybody downstream.’

The Great Barrier Reef and rainforest are not an expendable resources and should be in everybody’s thoughts and hearts in regards to future generations.

‘The coal mining are the jobs of the twentieth century and we need to be creating the jobs of the twenty first century,’ Mr Pyne says.

‘The big problem is sea level rise and Cairns is a low lying city and I’m positive Lake street could become a lake if we don’t take it seriously.’

 Mr Pyne was the only one who went up against last night’s motion.

 Rob Pyne: 0438 360 370.

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  • commented 2016-09-02 12:00:44 +1000
    Well done Rob. 👍🏿👋🏿👋🏿