Rob Pyne MP ‘disgusted’ at Government’s treatment of Cairns Hospital Board – resignation.

Member for Cairns Rob Pyne’s says he’s ‘disgusted’ by the treatment of the Cairns Hospital board – the board today officially resigning after pressure from Queensland Minister Cameron Dick who describes it as rapidly deteriorating financially.

An independent financial report commissioned by the department projected a deficit of $80 million for the 2016/17 financial year.

This is more than 10 per cent of its operating budget.

‘What more does the government expect when the services, ramping and other such funding needs are overlooked for the far northern region’s major hospital,’  Mr Pyne says.

Mr Pyne says the matter is typical of the Governement’s ‘blame-shifiting’ strategy when it comes to regional north Queensland health.

‘This is scapegoating at its worst – using health services which are grossly depleted and deprived of adequate funding – and making a mockering of their financial management; or according to Mr Dick’s: their lack thereof.’

The board was had four days to give reasons as to why they should not be removed from their positions.

It had given an analysis of ‘worst case scenario’ and if anything this is a clear plea and need for more funding to meet our needs.

‘There is a waiting list for the waiting list!” Mr Pyne says.

‘There is ramping beyond belief – with lives being risked as a result of the delays in the adequate beds and services available.’

Mr Pyne says the people on the board are well respected local people who have worked in the health and business sectors for most of their careers.

‘These people are an inspiration to our community.  Some have only been on the board for three months.  The government only recently appointed some of the key players,’ Mr Pyne says.

‘And now to turn around and blame these hardworking and caring locals for something which is inevitably a shortfall in funding in worst case circumstances – is ludicrous.’

Contact: Rob Pyne Mp: 0438 360 376.

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