Rob Pyne MP accuses committee of playing politics for failing to recommend of Abortion Bill.

Despite four out of five people supporting the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland,  Member for Cairns Rob Pyne’s Abortion Bill has been rejected by a parliamentary review committee.

Mr Pyne is accusing the Health Communities, Disabiity Service and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee of playing politics.

‘I think ordinary people realise that this is a recommendation that is politically driven,’ Mr Pyne says.

More than fourteen hundred submissions were received the committee.

Extensive community consultation was also undertaken in the lead up the Bill.

Public hearings held in Cairns, Emerald and Brisbane where great support for the Bill was expressed. 

‘It’s disappointing that some of the politicians can’t be a little more courageous in their approach to some reform.’

‘Women and doctors will remain in fear of persecution at abortions are likely to continue in Queensland,’ Mr Pyne says.’

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