Increased funding to the Cairns Hospital



We, the people of Cairns and the Far North, demand the following:

  1. Sufficient funding to ease the waiting lists.

  2. All key specialist and senior positions filled.

  3. All key allied health positions filled to provide quality care.

  4. Funding for additional beds to alleviate ambulance ramping.

  5. Additional funding for tropical diseases – eg dengue, TB, ross river fever.

  6. Pain Clinic with full time staff based in Cairns.

  7. Mental Health Facility overhauled and updated.

  8. Up the funding for emergency responses to alleviate the ramping situation that is currently getting worse.

 Cairns is a growing regional city, surging ahead in population, and we desperately need additional funding in health care to meet our needs.

 As a region, we call upon the Queensland Government to ensure our health facilities and staffing to ensure our community can thrive without long waiting lists, long waiting lists to get on the waiting lists, or the need to travel away from family and support networks to get vital treatments.

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    Cairns and Far North Queensland need the best health services possible
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    The health and well being of the constituents of Australia is one of the basics that the government is supposed to protect
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    About time.. Its now 2016 and its very sad and undue stress to family the need to relocate patient, just because we are not funded adequately to treat them locally. We pay similar taxes to SEQLD!
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    I work in the Mental Health Unit – we need more nurses – upgrade Unit- more Consumer Companions- more groups – more Psychologists- more support – more beds etc.,
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    Sign the petition: Increased funding to the Cairns Hospital
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    I’ve personally experienced some digesting Inhumane treatment at this hospital I’d rather drive to Townsville if I was dying than ever go back there !
  • signed 2016-08-12 12:48:55 +1000
    Agree We most certainly need additional funding, more staff ranging from senior position to employee this is to ameliorate our only local Hospital…. In 2016 It is ludicrous to put undue pressure on family to follow relative around the globe for an operation…The money they wasted on the census whoops could have been better employed up here in the far north..
  • signed 2016-06-22 12:48:03 +1000
    The Wait period for cairns base hospital is stupid and getting worse. A CAT 3 Patient should be seen within 12 months and hubby is now way over this period and has been told by the patient liaison team that he could be waiting up to 3 years to be seen for an intial appointment. This is appalling and in the mean time his mental health will get worse and his condition get worse adding to the cost of his recovery and operations on the system. We need another hospital to help with issues.
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    Sign the petition: Increased funding to the Cairns Hospital
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    The waiting periods at this hospital are getting out of control. A CAT 3 means seen within 12 month period and yet my husband has been waiting over that now and has been told by the patient liaison team that he will be waiting up to 3 years to be seen for his initial appointment. In the mean time, his mental health is getting worse and the knee condition is deteriorating and will mean costing the public more in the long term to correct. Immediate action needs to be done and ideally a second hospital is needed.
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    The way we treat our poor is a sign of how well they will fair in the coming global warming crisis.
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    Sign the petition: Increased funding to the Cairns Hospital
  • signed 2016-05-28 18:11:33 +1000
    Thanks Rob as your voice has been the loudest and most inspiring for Cairns.
  • signed 2016-05-22 14:03:00 +1000
    I am particularly passionate about these needs for the region. Especially mental health improvements.
  • signed 2016-05-22 09:09:43 +1000
    Excellent Rob. Getting Cancer specialists so that we that have cancer don’t have to go to Brisbane for treatment. 7 weeks away from home going through the trauma of radiation and chemotherapy treatments is something horrific. Even though the Cancer care services and all the doctors and nurses are truly wonderful people here in Brisbane everybody I have spoken to wishes we had the same in Cairns. It WON’T HAPPEN until Cairns Base is properly funded.
  • signed 2016-05-22 05:58:59 +1000