Electricity Prices

Electricity prices are a big concern for people in Cairns. I voted against the state budget because I know how much increases in the cost of living are hurting us all in the Far North. Unfortunately, the LNP voted with the ALP to pass the budget knowing it would cause increased hardship for regional Queensland. This is why I am saying Cairns people simply CANNOT AFFORD the major parties.




Insurance costs are also a burden on households and small business in Cairns and Far North Queensland. If re-elected I will table a Bill in Parliament to re-establish a State Government Insurance Office, because having a government provider in the market will help to hold private insurance companies to account and prevent price gouging.






No Body, No Parole!

No Body No Parole was legislation I supported this month. It means that from now on, prisoners convicted of manslaughter or murder will have to reveal the location of their victim's body if they want parole. The laws passed a great deal of legal scrutiny and were passed unanimously by the Queensland Parliament. Continue Reading...


Corruption Fight Continues

Consistent with our commitment to “keeping the bastards honest” our exposure of corrupt behaviour continues.

'There was huge corruption': Council boss sacked over sex notes

Labor MP Jo-Ann Miller stunned parliament this week when she revealed she had informed the Premier and Deputy Premier about corrupt activities and had her concerns ignored.

Queensland Premier 'stood by' allegedly corrupt Ipswich ex-mayor Paul Pisasale

This has further confirmed what I have been saying about corruption in government administration for some time now. Other MPs now need to show similar integrity so we can do a once in a generation 'clean sweep' to get rid of the crooks and improve anti-corruption measures in Queensland. 

Pyne suggests corruption against a Cairns business




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  • commented 2017-08-26 08:39:45 +1000
    Rob as much as I have been a labor supporter for over 40 years … I have to say that I am going more & more dispondent with the major parties both ALP and LNP …. I feel it’s time that an independent was elected as prime minister per haps then the country’s finances and reputation might be brought back under control ….. but in saying that, whilst I agree with Pauline Hanson about the abolition of the burka … I would like to see the one nation party abolished and thrown out of politics all together. There has to be more indipendants elected to parliament to rein in these major parties.
  • commented 2017-06-28 13:14:14 +1000
    Please keep up the pressure, as soon as you turn your back they will be at it again. You can count on our continued support from P2TP GroupStartups
  • published this page 2017-02-01 13:07:05 +1000