Cairns Booms with 2016 Budget Boost.


  • The 34.2 million dollar upgrade to the Bill Fulton Bridge will alleviate traffic congestion into the city.

  • $15 million dollars for the Cairns Performing Arts Centre. This will see a cultural boost to our city, create jobs and help keep Cairns vibrant.

  • Cairns Special School – $25 million over two years for a special school for students with highly specialised needs.

  • Cairns Convention Centre – $7.6 million over two years for roof and associated repairs to the Cairns Convention Centre.

  • Cairns arts scene – $550,000 for exhibitions and performances at the Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts.

  • Mountain bike trails – $460,000 for mountain bike trails in the Smithfield Regional Park.

  • Tropical health and medicine – $12.8 million over two years to James Cook University to establish campuses of the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine in Cairns and on Thursday Island.

  • Bruce Highway Southern Access – $13.3 million of $58 million over two years, in partnership with the Australian Government, to widen the Bruce Highway to six lanes between Robert Road and Foster Road.

  • Cairns Hospital redevelopment – $40 million to complete the $446.3 million Cairns Hospital Redevelopment.

  • Sustainable agriculture – $1.7 million to target feral pigs, support sustainable grazing, tackle weeds and improve reef water quality in the Wet Tropics.

  • Schools capital works – $13 million of $33 million over three years for new classrooms.


    Queensland wide wins:


  • $20 000 first home owner grant payment – increased $5000 to support home purchases for Queenslanders.

  • Employer support payments of up to $10,000 to hire and keep a regional Queenslander employed for 12 months or more. This payment will increase to $15,000 for hiring long-term unemployed regional Queenslanders. Great news for Cairns residents looking for work, and business looking to hire.

  • $34.5 million investment over the next four years to restore TAFE Queensland to its rightful place as the premier provider of VET in Queensland.

  • Home Based Business Program As part of the Queensland Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow  initiative, the Government  is providing funding of  $1 million over three  years for the Home Based Business Program. The program will support stay-at-home parents who want to establish and develop home-based businesses, while maintaining a healthy balance between work and family.

  • To assist innovative and emerging industries, the Government is establishing the $40 million Business Development Fund as part of the $180 million Advance Queensland package.

  •  Nursing jobs $101.6 million over four years, in addition to internal funding, for the Nursing Guarantee policy which will employ up to 400 Nurse Navigators in Hospital and Health Services across Queensland. The additional nurses will assist in rebuilding the nursing workforce, improve patient safety and assist patients to navigate from their referring GP or other primary care providers, through hospital based care.

  • $110.7 million over four years, in addition to internal funding, will be used to implement the Refresh Nursing initiative. This initiative will support the placement of up to 1,000 additional nurse graduates per year for the next four years in Health and Hospital Services.

  • $26.4 million over four  years will be provided to reinstate the Tenants Advisory Service. This will ensure that residents and tenants in Queensland have access to independent advice and information.

  • Drought relief – $45 million of $52.1 million over four years for drought assistance and ongoing drought reform initiatives.

  • Resilient communities – $40 million to establish the Community Resilience Fund to help local governments protect the infrastructure of communities vulnerable to natural disasters.

  • Tourism and events – $128.3 million over four years to promote Queensland destinations and foster tourism growth. $10 million of $40 million over four years to promote events in Queensland.

  • Aviation investment – $10 million over three years to attract aviation investment to promote Queensland destinations to international markets.

  • Stolen wages – $21 million over three years in reparation for wages stolen from Indigenous workers, a legacy of past government practices.

  • Saving the Reef – $12.7 million of $100 million over 5 years to protect the Great Barrier Reef through water quality initiatives, scientific research and transitioning to improved environmental practices in the primary production, mining and fishing industries. Includes $10 million to buy back licences to establish three net-free fishing zones in north and central Queensland.

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  • commented 2017-02-22 03:29:17 +1000
    We need only to ask why Cairns cannot be an international sought place with a world class reef an drain forest on our door step… The cost of holidaying in Cairns has gone over the roof , but still we are not attracting the wealthy populations, nor seeling Cairns properly, simply because Cairns endure to maintain the backpacker image.. We need to move on with the time… The lack of infrastructure, along with Abysmal mismanagements, need to push relevant association an community leader to lead, set deadline and achieve. I think we need to aim higher, Extend the pyramids race to international event, have international tennis, word wide symposium in conjunction to JCU, we have plenty crappie road let’s have, international rally, international cycling, Survival TV programs, al the above can be easily sold to the world at large when you combine rainforest and reef…. Use Red bull to sponsor Cairns… Its never going to happen simply because we are not that smart, and business acumen does not reside in Cairns… The sad bit, is that cairns could be such a nice place.. Kenya can properly sell international Kilimanjaro marathon with safari as a added bonus.. we got international Sahara races.. But we cannot market and sell Cairns properly…something not just quite right…. just food for thought..
  • commented 2017-02-21 22:48:26 +1000
    RE: Tourism and events – $128.3 million over four years to promote Queensland destinations and foster tourism growth Queensland. This is all good but we need, stronger representative associations that our local chamber of commerce and advance Cairns to be more proactive and more focused in outcome and returns… unless Cairns develop a strategy nothing concrete will ever eventuate, just making campaign advertiser richer…. We should learn from Aspen chamber of commerce , and or Thredbo chamber of commerce…