Abortion Law Reform Required



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Abortion Law Reform Required

Mr Cope, President of the QCCL today welcomed the decision of Mr Rob Pyne to introduce into the Queensland Parliament today a bill to reform abortion law in Queensland.

"Queensland and New South Wales now have the most antiquated and Draconian abortion laws in Australia. It is time for this State to enter the 21st century." says Mr Cope.

"Whilst we understand that Mr Pyne’s Bill does not reflect the policy of the QCCL, it is our view about time that this State had a debate on this topic."

The QCCL acknowledges that in our pluralist society there are different views about abortion and in keeping with its general philosophy wishes to make clear its tolerance of these views and the right of people to hold them.

The QCCL believes the current laws do not reflect the status of women in Queensland.

Mr Cope said, "The QCCL contends that the abortion decision is one to be determined in accordance with the conscience of the individual woman. Having said that, the QCCL also acknowledges that the unborn foetus has certain rights which should be recognised but which are less important than the living women’s rights."

On this view as the pregnancy proceeds toward term the rights of the foetus increase.

Once the foetus has reached viability, the state has a legitimate interest in the potential life.

"The QCCL supports the Victorian model where there are no restrictions on a woman’s right to choose up to 24 weeks. After that the abortion can proceed if 2 doctors reasonably believes that it is appropriate in all the circumstances."

In our view, Queensland’s current laws are too uncertain. Women are entitled to a reform of the law which makes certain their right to choose.


For further information contact Michael Cope President QCCL on 07 3223 5939 during office hours and on 0432 847 154


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